Help Refugees in Houston!

Mark your calendar for our Eid Workday Event on Saturday, May 19th  at 12 PM at IM's Albert and Ethel Herzstein building at 3303 Main Street, 77002.  At this event we will be assembling Eid care packages of personal care and household items for refugee families!

Registration for the Workday is full for 2018 but we still need help fundraising for refugees and you can click here to sign up for our next volunteering opportunity for called Operation Impact on June 2nd!

We hope to raise $50,000 to provide essential needs for our refugee families. Thanks to our lead sponsor, Taiba, we are already half way there! With the help of volunteers like you, we are hoping to match this generous donation dollar for dollar!

Of interest to our Muslim friends is Zakat designation for this fundraising event. Simply click "Yes,this donation is to be used for Zakat purposes" on the donation form to specify this type of donation. Specifically, the funds will be designated as Zakat per the recommendation of our advisor,Sheikh Joe Bradford.

Thank you for welcoming our newest Houston neighbors!